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Issue #6542 resolved

API - diffstat wrong results

created an issue

Diffstat always reports null lines added on an added file.

How to reproduce

Actual result

[ { "type": "added", "file": "testfile.txt", "diffstat": { "removed": null, "added": null } } ]

Expected result

[ { "type": "added", "file": "testfile.txt", "diffstat": { "removed": 0, "added": 1 } } ]

Comments (7)

  1. cheryl reporter

    Having correct lines modified stats will help us at tenXer make a really cool integration that will show information about your Bitbucket activity over time.

  2. tenXer

    Woah, just noticed that it appears to be working now! (But I'll let you resolve this issue when ready.) Super fast fix. Thank you so much.

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