Pull request web hooks (BB-7736)

Issue #6545 resolved
Brandon Fulk
created an issue

Is there anyway to add pull requests to the POST webhooks? I would like to have my CI/deploy server to be notified when a pull request or update to a pull request has happened.

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  1. Maxim Kovgan

    Looks like a relatively easy+safe and very usable feature! I'd love to do things like the following (but only upon pull request)

    • open jira/trello/etc. issue on the merger
    • send jabber message to the merger/team

    @Erik van Zijst, thanks for looking into this!

    When would it reach BB ?

  2. Daniel Tao staff

    Our new webhooks support pull request events for whenever PRs are created, updated, merged, etc. See our documentation on pull request event payloads for more info!

    I am resolving this issue because our new webhooks provide the functionality requested here. For any concerns regarding specific integrations, such as Shippable, please create separate issues where we can discuss the work required for those particular integrations.

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