Avatar in overview and commit tab differ

Issue #6559 invalid
Alexander Humboldt
created an issue

The avatar shown up in the overview tab of a repository is not the avatar of the committer. In the commits tab the correct avatar is used.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    The avatar shown in the newsfeed is the avatar of the user who pushed the commits, not the author of said commits (of which there can be many).

    So the two pages do not show the same kind of information. The commits page shows individual commits, unrelated to how, or by who they were pushed, while the newsfeed shows the "events" that have occurred on the repo.

    Making commits is not done on the site, but locally in a developer's clone. The event that makes those commits appear on Bitbucket is a "push" and so that's what the newsfeed depicts.

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