External wiki links broken after 100 items (BB-7762)

Issue #6562 closed
Jonathan Lovelace
created an issue

Using the Creole syntax in a wiki to link to a page not in the wiki produces a bad result. For example, the following Creole syntax:


produces the following broken HTML:

<a href="<a href="http://www.creeds.net/Heidelberg/hdlb44.htm" rel="nofollow"  >http://www.creeds.net/Heidelberg/hdlb44.htm</a>">catechism</a>

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    After some more investigation, we have identified a bug in the way we handle custom links. We parse each link in a wiki page, as well as references to Users, Issues, Pull Requests, and other Bitbucket items. We correctly link the first 100 items/references in a document, but the next 100 after that may be incorrect (in your case, just the external links). This was in an attempt to limit the number of calculations to avoid waiting too long, but we didn't get it quite right.

    I've added this bug to our backlog to get prioritized, but we won't have a fix right away. In the mean time, if possible you can work around this by creating separate wiki pages with fewer links each.

    Cheers, Michael

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