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Hi, I m just testing your product and I see than If I open a free account and click "Plans" and selected a products, at the next page I can click "Repositories" (menu) and create all Repositories that I want without to have pay something. If one repository is created, the create option stay in menu to create others.

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  1. Chris Rebert

    Note that only the number of private repositories is limited by plan. Public repositories are limited only by the 150.0 MB overall space cap on the "Free" plan; there is no limit on the number of public repos. Although exactly how the limits are enforced is nebulous.

    (Not a BB employee, I just read the Plans webpage)

  2. stephanemtl reporter

    The bug is than with free plan you can access at Professional plans for free with these clicks. When you select a payed plan, the fact to select it (without to pay it) activate the plan until people click out. But it's enought to create a private plan. When you have this private plan, option to create other stay always. So with this bug, all payed plans are provided for free. It's not good for this project because a lot of people should use this cheat to have free private access.

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