site/master issues do not show on dashboard (BB-7786)

Issue #6577 resolved
Robert Mandelson created an issue

The dashboard issues list does not show issues from site/master.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Can you give me the URL of an actual missing issue that you expect to show up on you dashboard?

  2. Erik van Zijst

    Similarly, can you make a screenshot of the "watching" filter (which should list this issue for instance)?

  3. Robert Mandelson reporter

    I've attached the sceenshots. The issues that I'm watching have started to appear in the All list, but they're still not in the Watching list.

  4. Erik van Zijst

    Thanks, that helped me track down the issue as a bug in our new dashboard code.

    I've raised an internal issue for it.

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