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Issue #6585 resolved

Cannot invite follower?

created an issue

Dear Atlassian,

For my "Core" repo (and several others) "Kim Gressens" used to be a team member.

I removed all his privileges on these repos but now want to invite him again.

When I try to invite him to several repos, BB says that he's already a member... however Kim cannot access the repos anymore...

Kim should off course no get access to all my repos(!)

Kind regards,

. Dirk

Comments (6)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    I think this is better dealt with as a support issue. That will also allow us to discuss details about your repos without having that end up on this public issue tracker.

    Can you email support@bitbucket.org with details about the repo in question, the team account, your account and Kim's account name?

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