Merged PRs fail to render diff when the source repo is deleted (BB-7778)

Issue #6586 resolved
Matt Turk
created an issue

Currently, if a repository is deleted, and pull requests that have been issued from that repository upstream are lost. Any comments, code review and so on that were left are no longer accessible, even if the pull request (and thus the changesets that constituted it and that were commented on) has been accepted.

Having the ability to retain these comments puts control back in the upstream repository, where the comments are issued from, where the pull request is listed, etc etc. Even if only the accepted pull requests are allowed to persist, it would be an enormous improvement. Right now, this can be very problematic for projects that do code review.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    @Thomas Spura No. once a PR is merged, its state is safeguarded, even if you delete the source branch.

    Warning: if you delete commits that were part of the review (e.g. by rebasing) then the PR will loose its diff and commit list.

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    @Matt Turk A PR that is merged should not break after you delete the source repository (only if it's been merged: open PRs will break because the changes they contain only exist in the source repo, which you deleted).

    If you have an accepted PR (not declined or open) that is broken because you deleted the source repo, please let me know its URL as that might well indicate a bug.

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