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Tim Harley
created an issue

I am a member of a team. That team has many repositories - only a subset of which I am particularly interested in at any particular time. I would therefore like email notifications (particularly from the issue tracker) from only this subset and not the rest. Could this fine grained control of email notifications please be added as a feature?

Cheers, Tim

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Yes, we are currently working on a complete overhaul of Bitbucket's notification system, which will give you far greater control over what will be emailed.

    Please hang in just a little longer.

  2. raultm

    Very intereseted in something like this.

    I have linked the personal and the professional accounts. All the pull requests now got to the personal inbox. It will be nice if we can handle what repository send notification to the differents emails.

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