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Issue #6592 wontfix
Jakub Zalewski
created an issue

Just like pull requests and issues have filters, it would be nice if the newsfeed/overview had filtering. F.ex.:

  • my repos
  • followed repos
  • followed people

Currently the main newsfeed stacks together important updates about repositories I work with and less relevant updates about somebody following somebody else's repo.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    We have plans to overhaul the way the newsfeed works in the future. This will mostly so that you can browse back to past events. Right now your newsfeed doesn't contains more than the events you see on the page (once events scroll off it, they're essentially invisible).

    Once that work is done, we might consider adding filters, but with the current newsfeed backend, that's just not going to give you much.

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