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Austin McDonald
created an issue

It would be nice to see comments made on particular commits in the pull request file view.

Our workflow is: Create pull request incorporating commits. Add comments to the pull request (line-by-line). Address comments in new commit, add new commit to pull request.

But then if the reviewer wants to comment on the changes in the commit, those comments don't show up anywhere in the pull request (neither the activity stream or the file viewer). And there's no way to see changes relative to the last commit in the pull request directly. So there's no way to comment on just the changes made since the last review.

This feature would really help smooth out our workflow.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Well, that's the nature of a 3-way merge. You see the diff between the branch heads and the common ancestor, not the individual changes of each commit.

    If you want to discuss a specific commit, you can click on that commit. Each changeset page supports full inline commenting.

    Out of curiosity, how would you visualize the kind of PR you describe? What would it look like if it had to display all these diffs?

  2. Austin McDonald reporter

    I see your point - figuring out where to put the comments on an intermediate commit would be kinda weird.

    I'm trying to think of other ways support our workflow. Would it be possible to allow the user to choose a particular commit to display the diff relative to, and have comments still be made on the pull request?

    The workflow I'm trying to support is where the reviewer can easily see what changes were made in response to his or her comment without having to switch between the pull request and the commit. Do you have any other suggestions on ways to support that workflow? Do you think other users would benefit from this, or do other teams' workflows do something differently?

    Thanks for the quick response on this, btw 😄.

  3. Erik van Zijst

    While I understand your point of view, I cannot think of a presentation that would unite all those different diffs in a comprehensible way.

    I'm closing this issue for now, but feel free to reopen this issue or raise a new one if you have concrete steps to improve on what we have now.

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