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Adib Saikali
created an issue

I want to be able to set my profile photo, here without setting it up every where else on the internet due to having the picture linked to a garvatar account.

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  1. Adib Saikali reporter

    Is there a reason why Gravatar-only avatars are supported or will continue to be supported?

    If I setup a gravatar picture then all sorts of blogs where I have posted comments semi anonymously, i.e. I used my real email address for posting the comments, but used a display name that was generic would all of a sudden have a picture of me, attached to my generic display name. So it looks like I won't be setting up a bitbucket picture, because of this issue.

    Having a team / corporate profile is hard to do with this link gravatar. Please re-consider this, request. I am sure that I am not the only one with issue. I did not create my bitbucket profile with a special bitbucket only Garvatar email address.

  2. Erik van Zijst

    You can use a different email address on your Bitbucket account and configure a unique image in Gravatar. That way you can have a custom gravatar on Bitbucket. That's what we do too, btw.


    Many mail servers support implicit aliases using the + symbol. That way you don't actually need to have a separate email address to make this work.

  3. Anonymous

    There are a a lot of users [#4798] wanting this feature/option.

    Even if it isn't an upload function, an offsite link version would do fine. With all due respect to Gravatar... it's not an option.

  4. Jimi HullegÄrd

    I would say that your point of view is quite narrow-minded and arrogant, Erik van Zijst. :(

    "we're planning to stick with Gravatar-only avatars".... In my ears, that sounds like "We know best. Stop whining."

  5. Erik van Zijst

    @Jimi HullegÄrd Hah, yes my view has since changed.

    Gravatar was a fine solution for a long time, until Wordpress acquired it in April this year, tied it into their product and now requires users to create a Wordpress account.

    Since then I agree (and so does the rest of the team) that we should be more flexible and supporting non-gravatar profile photos is high on our list.

    So I hope that gives you some context. Gravatar didn't suck before Wordpress became involved ;-)

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