Issue does not close auto with the correct commit message. (BB-7803)

Issue #6618 resolved
Kevin T'Syen
created an issue

On my current project the issues are not auto closed when I do a commit with the following message:

closes #12: Fixed the tooltip for the clusters

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  1. Kevin T'Syen reporter

    Now I just have it on every repo. It is like Yeukhon Wong described with the picture.

    Only I use: closes #11:

    The correct issue shows up in the commit log, but it just doesn't close.

  2. Ovidiu D. Bodea

    I've tried all ways and doesn't work for me. I've used Fixed #2, close, fixes, at the beginning, middle and end of the commit message to no avail. I think this issue should be reopened or if someone has a solution, please share it with me.

  3. Simon Drabble

    This just flared up for me. Every commit to my (private) repo prior to this morning got applied to the relevant tickets successfully. So far, all of today's commits have not. Examples:

    This commit was applied successfully to ticket #617:

    Date:   Mon Aug 31 19:53:00 2015 -0600
        Fixes #617, changed Reset Colors to Undo Changes.

    This was NOT applied to ticket #624, and the ticket was not resolved (I had to do so manually):

    Date:   Tue Sep 1 06:49:05 2015 -0600
        Fixes #624, added group sort order to markings.

    Update: this appears to be working correctly now.

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