Issue #6618 resolved

Issue does not close auto with the correct commit message. (BB-7803)

Kevin T'Syen
created an issue

On my current project the issues are not auto closed when I do a commit with the following message:

closes #12: Fixed the tooltip for the clusters

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Kevin T'Syen which repo was this on and which commits did you push? If you don't want to discuss that on this public issue tracker, please email and mention my name so I can pick it up from there.

  2. Kevin T'Syen reporter

    Now I just have it on every repo. It is like Yeukhon Wong described with the picture.

    Only I use: closes #11:

    The correct issue shows up in the commit log, but it just doesn't close.

  3. Claudiu R

    for us, fixes issue # does not work anymore :( it used to work but it stopped recently. It does link to the issue in the commit but it does not mark the issue as resolved

  4. Ovidiu Bodea

    I've tried all ways and doesn't work for me. I've used Fixed #2, close, fixes, at the beginning, middle and end of the commit message to no avail. I think this issue should be reopened or if someone has a solution, please share it with me.

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