Issues while commenting on any "Issue" (BB-7810)

Issue #6639 resolved
Shivang Desai
created an issue
  1. There is a problem while uploading an image in a comment. (Inorder to add an image , I need to edit the "issue" and then add an image in it. I am unable to upload it in comment)

  2. Any user is able to reply with a blank comment which should not be the case ideally.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    As for the avatar images, those are not Bitbucket's; they're coming from Maybe you have trouble reaching them? You might be able to find out more by looking at FireBug / Web Inspector, depending on your browser.

  2. Shivang Desai reporter

    Thanks for the action. Will be happy to get a reply when this issue is solved.

    Ignore the "avatar" images , they were still uploading while I took the screenshot. So I guess its not a big issue.

    n yeah ! I like the title ;-)

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