Side-by-side diff doesn't display correctly when zoomed out in Chrome (BB-7897)

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Lukáš Lalinský created an issue

See the attached screenshot. When I try to load a side-by-side diff, the right side is actually displayed below the left side. This is with Chrome 25.0.1364.172 on Ubuntu Linux. It works fine in Firefox.

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  1. Lukáš Lalinský reporter

    It's not very easy for me to downgrade, I use use Chrome from Google's apt repository, which will (probably) only give me the latest stable version. It's not a new problem though. I've looked at the side-by-side diff feature a few months ago (I assume I had an older version of Chrome back then) and it looked the same.

  2. Gero Bazant

    I'd like to second this bug. In fact, for me it's zooming OUT that fixes it. resetting zoom level back to 100% (ctrl-0) will mess it up. I have to go all the way to 75% for it to show side-by-side. I'll try to attach screen shots. (Chrome "Version 27.0.1453.116 m" on Win 7 Pro)

  3. Michael Power

    Ohh, a workaround, that is great. I really appreciate being given a solution to this problem. A similar bug was closed out with no such workaround.

  4. Atlassian Bitbucket

    This issue has been closed due to inactivity. If you continue to see problems, please reopen or create a new issue.

  5. Kirk Brady

    I just experienced this bug - changing the zoom level seemed to refresh whatever shows the file that has changed / highlights the change.

  6. Troy Rijkaard

    Any progress on this? The workaround is handy but not optimal to have to keep changing zoom levels

  7. Remi

    This appears to be an issue with the right hand side pane not fitting within the horizontal space at certain zoom levels (some work for me, some don't). When it breaks, the right pane gets floated back to the left and ends up hidden behind the left pane.

    I suspect this is a rounding issue in the zoom computations, as allowing 1 more pixel for the right hand pane seems to fix the issue. To achieve that, I made the space between the 2 sides (the column between the 2 sets of line numbers) 1 pixel smaller, and that appears to have fixed the problem (at least for me). To be clear, I changed this:

    <div class="segment-pane" style="width: 30px;">

    to this:

    <div class="segment-pane" style="width: 29px;">

    seems to do the trick. I can't really tell the difference in terms of usage.

    Before: bb_sbs_before.PNG

    After: bb_sbs_after.PNG

  8. Jeffrey Dean Buehler Jr

    Is this going to be fixed? It seems like something like this can be resolved fairly easily, yet this issue has been open since 2013 and I am still seeing this to this day! I am at 80% zoom on latest version of Chrome at split-screen (width: 960px).

  9. John Klancer

    I've only been using the pull requests feature in any detail for a couple of days and the number of bugs I've come across is not very promising! Using Firefox 60.0.1. Atlassian: please pay more attention to this feature!

  10. Cai Yuanqing Account Deactivated

    Same problem with Chrome: Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) The problem can only be resolved by put the chrome into full screen.

  11. Simon Bridger

    still happening for me in Chrome: Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    can start at 100% and then zoom down and it works at 90%, which is a workaround but a hassle.

  12. Hugh Warrington

    After nearly 6 years, this is still a problem. [~rbarillec] above has even identified the problem and the fix for you. Five duplicate issues and attention from four members of staff. Any chance you could spend half an hour fixing this, it would surely be more efficient in the long run.

  13. Alastair Wilkes

    The new pull request experience (in Beta now) features a new inline side-by-side diff view along with other navigation features and improvements. Given that we plan to roll the new UI out to customers soon, we won't be fixing this bug in the near future.

  14. Aniruddha Gaikwad

    disappointed. This feature used to work. New PR experience is buggy. To compare changes properly, need to compare whole file. There isnt any view / option which shows side-by-side entire file.

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