Clear recently viewed from repositories dropdown button (BB-7858)

Issue #6701 wontfix
dnl bln
created an issue

I use the dropdown button to navigate to my various repos.

Because I recently viewed some public repo's it is now cluttered and I would like to be able to clear 'recently viewed'.

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  1. Keith Strickland

    We are experiencing this same issue and it would be nice to be able to clear the recently viewed because it becomes an endless loop. So whatever recent repository ends up on top, you are immediately taken to that repository when you open Bitbucket even though you are no longer interested in it. Since you land on the repository you're no longer interested in, it ends up being an endless loop because it will never fall out of your Recently Viewed list as you are constantly viewing it.

  2. Anonymous

    Why has this been changed to wontfix? add a clear button at least and the same for the audit log i shouldn't have to obliterate my account just for a clean slate.

  3. George Polchin

    Yes please add a feature to clear my "recently viewed"! Users, if you have this same problem, please add your comment. They do sometimes listen if enough people speak up.

  4. Luke Salvoni

    Agree, it would be really brilliant to either:

    • Clear the whole list of recently viewed repositories
    • Remove individual entries in the list
    • Perhaps have a "favourite" repository area instead, as my list is littered with repos old and new - but I'm only interested in perhaps 2/3 of these that I frequently use.
  5. GBI Developer

    A limit should be there under profile or preferences to show last 5 or last 10. it should not just keep building. Or use a date filter to show Most Recently Used in last 6 months.

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