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Issue #6725 resolved

Custom domain blame author and commit links 404 (BB-7848)

Anonymous created an issue

When accessing the "blame" feature via a repo's custom domain, all author and commit links on the left 404. Accessing the same repo via the bitbucket.org domain and the blame author/commit links work as expected.

The following examples use the same source file and version.

Via custom domain, all author/commit links will 404 http://hg.jasonscott.org/copydsacl/annotate/3eab002cd9a619c8e2485a5adf4e98243f7c78f8/CopyDsAcl.ps1?at=default

Via bitbucket.org, all author/commit links will work: https://bitbucket.org/jasonkeithscott/copydsacl/annotate/3eab002cd9a619c8e2485a5adf4e98243f7c78f8/CopyDsAcl.ps1?at=default

It appears the links in the custom domain include the username, "jasonkeithscott" in my case, removing the username from the link works.

Link provided via blame, 404s: http://hg.jasonscott.org/jasonkeithscott/copydsacl/annotate/3eab002cd9a619c8e2485a5adf4e98243f7c78f8/CopyDsAcl.ps1?at=default

Editing the url to this works: http://hg.jasonscott.org/copydsacl/annotate/3eab002cd9a619c8e2485a5adf4e98243f7c78f8/CopyDsAcl.ps1?at=default

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