Remove Secondary E-mail Address When Same (BB-10065)

Issue #6728 closed
Mark Vogelgesang
created an issue

Users can enter secondary e-mail addresses for their account. When doing so, it allows you to enter the same e-mail address twice as long as the case is different (eg v. Once logged in, the users gets a notification that one of the e-mail addresses has not been confirmed. When you go to the page to see which one it has an option to remove associated e-mail addresses. Since the two are essentially matching, the validation thinks you are trying to remove the validated e-mail and says that you cannot.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Hi Mark,

    I'm having some trouble reproducing this. When I try to enter the same email address with different case on the "Email addresses" account admin screen, I get an error saying I've already added that email address. Is this how you added your secondary email?

    Thanks, Zach

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