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Issue #6740 open

Keyboard shortcuts don't handle international keyboard layout properly (BB-8062)

Edward Dumser
created an issue

According to the help panel the shortcut / should focus the site search

Instead it brings up the help panel. So either the help panel is wrong, or the documentation, or this is a bug due to the German keyboard layout. Maybe because / is a shift-combination on 7 on this layout instead of being a key without modifiers.


  • Keyboard layout is Mac/German
  • I will test later on a Windows/German layout
  • This happens in Firefox as well as Chrome
  • Since this also overloads the default Firefox shortcut for on-page search, this is even more annoying

Comments (6)

  1. Jesper Noehr

    That's what is supposed to happen when you type '?'. Is that what you're doing?

    I know on Danish keyboards, you need to type shift-7 to make a '/', so that may be what you need to do.

  2. Edward Dumser reporter

    No, I am able to find the slash-key on my keyboard (I'm not angry, but it is a weird thing to ask on a platform for software developers). The help panel pops up on both / and ?.

    For further testing I have fired up the Windows on-screen keyboard (you could do that too, btw.) and set it first to German then English layouts:

    German layout

    • shift+7 pops up the help panel

    • caps-lock-7 focuses site search (!)

    English layout

    • / works as advertised - focuses site search

    PS: I have now confirmed that this also happens with a Windows/German layout

  3. Edward Dumser reporter
    • changed status to open

    So, it's not a bug because you failed to fix it? ;)

    • The issue still exists
    • Its easily, and always reproducible, with ANY keyboard layout by simply using an on-screen keyboard and setting it to the German layout
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