Can't associate google id with account

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My account is miebster.

When I try to login with my google account I see the following message:

We noticed that there is an existing Bitbucket account associated with your email address. Log in to connect it with Google!

So I enter my password and click next. I then get this error (100% of the time).

Something went wrong.

You can contact support or create a public issue if the problem persists.

This might be useful in debugging the problem:


So I tried to create an account on the support website (why can't I use my bitbucket account for bitbucket support? seems really silly). But I can't create a support account because I never receive a confirmation email.

I've clicked the re-send verification link a few times, it never works. I'm using gmail so I doubt that i sthe problem. Also I have received other bitbucket emails just fine, just not the support account verification.

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  1. miebster reporter

    I used to have it associated with my team account "pretalen". I removed that association from the "pretalen" account management tab.

    I'm a little surprised that I can't have a team account with the same email address as my personal account, which was the cause for this whole mess. I should be able to manage teams without having to create a new email address for each one.

    Also, the email I get when this issue is updated doesn't contain a link to this issue. This seems very odd, it would be really issue to link to the issue page from the email.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    To reiterate my statement on the private ticket. You can simply reply to the emails sent by the support system, or log in with your email address. If you have issues with this, you can reply to the support ticket or email me directly at

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