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Issue #6752 wontfix

Atlassian seems to know nothing about BitBucket account

created an issue

I have an existing BitBucket account that I use to check on one client's project from time to time. I am invited by the web page to use SourceTree, which I would like to do.. My SourceTree app says I need to "register" and I click on the link to do so..

The Atlassian page I am asked to log-in to seems to know nothing about this BitBucket account. I do not want to lose the privelages associated with BitBucket. I dont actually care about Atlassian at all.. I just want to check the repo I have privs on, on BitBucket. All else is frustration..

Comments (2)

  1. darkblue_b reporter

    How can I move forward, and retain the privs i have with my BitBucket acct access to three private repos? I strongly want to avoid calling my consulting client for some work, real or perceived, on their part, because it is a high-rate consulting situation.

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