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Hi, I could not clone the Git repository and eclipse throws an error when trying to clone. The error message is https://{username}{repositorypath}: -1 null.

Hope any one could help me in this regards.

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    I'm not entirely sure what's going on here. Can you be more elaborate about the error message you're getting, how you're trying to clone the repo, your platform, and most importantly, the repository? Thanks.

  2. Stephen O'Hair

    I've got the same issue using Android's ADT bundle on Ubuntu 12.10. I've installed git via 'sudo apt-get install git' with no problems. I can execute git clone https:\blah no problem but I get the same error as vvenu88 when using eclipse's GIT repository explorer to clone my bitbucket repo.

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, but if cloning works fine using plain Git tools, but not with Eclipse then that would seem to point at issues with Eclipse. Have you contacted Eclipse support?

    If you really think it's a problem with Bitbucket, can you email us at with detailed output of the errors?

  4. Stein

    The problem described by vvenu88 occurs to me when I try to clone a repo using Netbeans with default Git plugin availiable at the Plugin's section. As I said, I'm under proxy and firewall. Cloning a Github repo works normally.

  5. Stephen O'Hair

    I failed to mention above that my issues were also occurring behind a proxy but not behind a firewall. I can execute every git command behind from a terminal but I'm unable to do a simple clone in eclipse even with the proxy properly set. Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit ADT bundle. I'd take a guess and say it might be my IDE but this exact error message appears to occur independently of IDE.

    When would a -1 null be returned back from bitbucket?



  6. Saburo Higuchi

    I get the error described by vvenu88 on Egit + Eclipse when the client is behind a firewall and connects to via an HTTPS proxy. In my case, it is avoided if "sslverify = false" is written in the [http] section of ~/.gitconfig I don't understand the reason; bitbucket's certificate is not self-signed. Anyway, it is insecure.

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