Easier linking to another wiki page from Markdown (BB-7954)

Issue #6775 open
Dmitry Pashkevich created an issue

Please support one or both of the following syntaxes for easier linking between internal wiki pages when using Markdown:

  • [[Page name]] (Creole-style)
  • [Page name]() (Techically an empty link in markdown but makes sense to link to a wiki page with specified title)

Currently I there seems to be no way of linking to a wiki in Markdown without duplicating page name:

[Page name](Page name)

Comments (18)

  1. Michael Chaberski

    I can't find it anywhere in the documentation, but [[Page Title]] syntax does correctly create a link to https://bitbucket.org/username/repo/wiki/Page_Title.

  2. Jez Hill

    @mchaberski Yes, that's the good news, which I subsequently discovered. (When I first tried, I thought [[this]] didn't work, but I guess I must have been doing something else wrong.) I wish, though, that there were a way of getting the best of both worlds, i.e. [renaming a link on the page](like this) but in a wikilinks-compatible way—for example using [[the way mediawiki does it | piped link syntax]]. AFAICS the latter does not work, nor have I found any working alternative syntax. I find this constrains the style in which you can write doc.

  3. Henry Umansky

    The syntax @mchaberski recommends doesn't work for me. It looks like it "almost" works, except that it prefixes a commit hash to the URL path for the wiki page.

    For example, this text [[IssueTracker]], converts to the following link in my wiki, comments, or issue tracker:


    It would be nice to be consistent throughout BitBucket, so that the wiki, comments, and issue tracker all have the same markdown syntax.

  4. Artem Russakovskii

    This problem of linking to src above is happening only when using the preview button. Once saved, the wiki links end up being correct. Definitely buggy behavior.

  5. Charlie Turner

    Completely agree with the above two commenters. Just burned 30 minutes of time puzzling over that, since I didn't want to commit my changes when the preview button was showing me something was going wrong....

  6. Brian Layman

    +1 I was looking for the piped syntax to, but it doesn't seem to work.. It would sure make things look nicer

  7. Constantin Kraft

    Is there a consistent way to link wiki pages with special characters in them like colons?

    [[Page title: with colon]] doesn't work for me.

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