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Easier linking to another wiki page from Markdown (BB-7954)

Dmitry Pashkevich
created an issue

Please support one or both of the following syntaxes for easier linking between internal wiki pages when using Markdown:

  • [[Page name]] (Creole-style)
  • [Page name]() (Techically an empty link in markdown but makes sense to link to a wiki page with specified title)

Currently I there seems to be no way of linking to a wiki in Markdown without duplicating page name:

[Page name](Page name)

Comments (7)

  1. Mike Chaberski

    I can't find it anywhere in the documentation, but [[Page Title]] syntax does correctly create a link to

  2. jezhill

    Mike Chaberski Yes, that's the good news, which I subsequently discovered. (When I first tried, I thought [[this]] didn't work, but I guess I must have been doing something else wrong.) I wish, though, that there were a way of getting the best of both worlds, i.e. [renaming a link on the page](like this) but in a wikilinks-compatible way—for example using [[the way mediawiki does it | piped link syntax]]. AFAICS the latter does not work, nor have I found any working alternative syntax. I find this constrains the style in which you can write doc.

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