Increase wiki editing box readability under Linux (BB-7889)

Issue #6776 closed
Dmitry Pashkevich
created an issue

Here's a screenshot of how wiki editing box looks like for me:

Unreadable text in textarea

The CSS that sets the font style for textarea is the following:

#wiki-edit textarea {
font: 12px/16px Monaco,"Courier New",monospace;

I don't have Monaco font installed in the system and it falls back to "Courier New" which is very thin and unreadable given the color is #525252 (inherited from generic style applied to all text inputs and textareas). Paired with a medium-grade monitor, the text is practically unreadable.

Please adjust the font-face and color to something more usable.

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  1. Dmitry Pashkevich reporter

    Ubuntu Mono and Droid Sans Mono are good candidates for inclusion in the font-family chain. They are free and present in many linux distros and also contain virtually all character sets. The problem is that they differ in size quite a bit, I find 12px font size too small for them. 14px would be more comfortable, considering that we're talking about editing text, not just reading a code snippet.

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