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Issue #6795 resolved

Add link to issue to noficication mails (BB-7956)

created an issue

When a comment is placed on an issue, the notification mail body looks like this:

--- you can reply above this line ---

Issue 797: Make flexible setup to retrieve all commits for changelog /marcinkuzminski/rhodecode/issue/797/make-flexible-setup-to-retrieve-all

Marcin Kuzminski:

configurable option is now merged to beta.

Changes: status: new -> resolved


This is an issue notification from bitbucket.org. You are receiving this either because you are the owner of the issue, or you are following the issue.

Meaning there is no http link to the issue itself, which is kind of bad to be honest.

Solution: Add a link to the issue in the mail body so users can easily browse to the updated issue.

Comments (5)

  1. valentijnscholten reporter

    Same goes for pull request notifictions. They contain a link, to unwatch the pull request. no other links.

    Pull request #106 has been rejected by Marcin Kuzminski.

    valentijnscholten/rhodecode had changes to be pulled into marcinkuzminski/rhodecode.

    Thanks for this, i'm rejecting it since i have implemented configurable version.

    -- This is a pull request notification from bitbucket.org.

    You can unwatch this pull request to stop receiving email updates: https://bitbucket.org/marcinkuzminski/rhodecode/pull-request/106/unwatch/7ddbba85fe547dae457b6c581751b7afa07cf4c1/

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