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Lee Elenbaas created an issue

Will you support other format of binary files (aside from images) to be visible in your web site?
For me the candidates are PDF, MS-Office & Libre Office documents (preferably with diff of extracted text if possible)

what about UTF-16 and other encodings?

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    While that would be nice, it sounds like quite a bit of work, and we're not going to invest that into diffing PDFs/.docx's etc.

  2. Lee Elenbaas reporter

    Extracting the text for diff display is not that hard - there are tools that do it (pdftotext, Pdfminer or TET for PDF, odt2txt for libre office writer files, MS offers their own API for doing just that) - and all you need to do is add the necessary diff definitions (at least in git) to get a working diff in the console
    why can't the same solution be applied to the web ui?
    the idea is not to allow editing of those files - but to give some idea of what the difference is between the versions so somone will be able to find the correct version he is looking for in the history.

    you did not answer about txt and md files in different encodings

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