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Issue #6800 open

RSS Feed next to Recent Activity only showing commits (BB-7902)

Edho Arief
created an issue

Even with token, it only contains the recent commits, not actual "recent activity". Please either remove the rss icon over there so it stops being a lie or fix it. Thank you.

Example page: https://bitbucket.org/edogawaconan/moebooru/overview

Attached explanation image which hopefully helps.

Comments (15)

  1. D C

    Yeah I would also like to have the Recent Activity RSS feed show EVERY activity done (if it shows in the recent activity then it should also appear in the feed). When lots of activity happens, you lose some events and you can't rely on the RSS feed to track them.... kind of sad...

  2. Bruce Schubert

    I would like the Recent Activity RSS to include the issue activity as well as the commits (just like the BitBucket Overview). I include the RSS feed in my application to give the user's insight into the development cycle, and the issues are more relevant than the commits.

  3. Robert Clancy

    Just ran into this myself. For some reason bitbucket thinks issues and issue comments are just not important. The RSS feed doesn't have them, notifications about them are random as and integrations barely contain them.

    All I want is kato.im to integrate well and using zapier I can get the issues but not with the RSS feed like I wanted.

    And you would think hipchat would have good integration but it has by far the worst integration with bitbucket there is.

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