How can I see a graph of work done by me in my repo?

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Agam More
created an issue

I would like to have some basic statistics about my work on my repo, see the percent of code written by me comapred to my other co-workers. It can really help us be a little more competative, I'd like to know if this feature exists already or if you could add something awesome like this.

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  1. Rikard Herlitz

    2 years later, nothing....the slow development together with slow response times of the servers are making us do the switch to github, even if their pricing model doesnt fit us as well as bitbuckets

  2. Krishna Achanta

    This is the one lack of feature that really miss and when I compare bitbucket with github I always show this as one of the major drawbacks of bitbucket. Please add this feature.

  3. Jake Paine

    Quite a useful feature really for seeing the status and progressive development on a project without trawling through commit history... For some the $$$ for private GitHub repos are starting to look more appealing

  4. Anuradha

    there is a new plugin called awesome graphs. that almost does what github charts does. to install, go to account settings and select find new addons. install "Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket" from list. a new menu item for each of your repos should appear.

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