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Issue #6806 resolved

No links in notification e-mails (BB-7894)

Stephan Sokolow
created an issue

I never trust "reply to this e-mail to reply to the issue" systems (no way to preview how it's going to look) so I find BitBucket's issue tracking annoying because I have to manually pull the issue out of my Firefox history every time I want to respond.

(Thank goodness 99% of the bugs I follow are on GitHub and thank goodness for the AwesomeBar. If I were on Chrome, it'd take forever and only the non-local results would be relevant.)

Comments (3)

  1. Zachary Davis

    Hi Stephan,

    We had a short-lived bug in our emails where we weren't properly generating the link to issues, but this was fixed earlier this week. Are you still seeing this problem?

    Thanks, Zach

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