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Issue #6812 resolved

Pull request corruption/brokenness

Luke Plant
created an issue

Something really strange going on with this pull request:


1) When I first looked at it, it contained a pull request for the following commit:


The diff displayed as on that URL (changes to single file, semanticeditor/widgets.py)

2) I pushed some more changes to my repo (spookylukey/semanticeditor), in this case 112e232 and 050ceca

3) I refreshed the pull request page, in case it showed some problems, but it didn't.

4) I pressed 'Merge', and it came back with an error "Unexpected merge error" (or something like that, I closed the window I'm afraid).

However, from the history, the merge had succeeded:


5) Going back to the pull request, it now shows a different diff - I think a reverse diff of the other commits that I had added. This is totally confused.

Comments (10)

  1. Jesper Noehr

    Hmm, did you update the pull request to include the new changes you pulled? Unlike Github, we do not automatically roll PRs forward, so I think that may be what happened here.

  2. developers

    This is happening to us as well. It's not because of an out-of-date pull request, it occurs for all fully up-to-date pull requests. It's been happening since Friday at least.

  3. Luke Plant reporter

    I did not think I needed to update the pull request - it did not include any new changes, and I was not the author of the PR.

    The changes I mentioned were on the destination repo (mine). Does a pull request need updating any time the destination repo has new commits?

  4. developers

    This issue really makes pull requests feel very untrustworthy. Since we use them so heavily, if this isn't resolved soon we'll need to find an alternative to bitbucket.

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