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Peter Bojkov
created an issue

Hi, I'm trying to migrate our current repository. I'm following the howto that we have received regarding this migration - I'm on step "Upload". Now, when I try to upload the locally created git repo to bitbucket with command: java -jar svn-migration-scripts.jar bitbucket-push dealmarket PASSWORD_REMOVED dealmarket DM I'm receiving error: ERROR: Error creating Git remote: I have removed the password from the command and the error but I'm sure that I have tried with the correct one. The repository itself is created and I receive an email with subject "You have hereby been granted admin access to dealmarket/dm.", but no data is imported in this repo because of the error we get.

I have also tried to use the command: java -jar svn-migration-scripts.jar bitbucket-push pbojkov PASSWORD_REMOVED pbojkov DM This command works without errors it imports all the data from the local git repo, but it creates the repository 'pbojkov/DM" which is not what we want. We want the repo to be named dealmarket/DM. Please advice how to proceed.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi Petar, the svn migration tools are maintained by the support team in Sydney. I've opened an issue for you at and you should have received a notification from us there. Please continue to work with us from that issue.

  2. PreviewNetworks

    We have almost the same issue: I'm on "upload" step and when java -jar svn-migration-scripts.jar bitbucket-push PreviewNetworks CMSHTML is executed script dies with ERROR: Error creating Git remote: but repository is created by this command (can see it on Moreover when I run command again script dies with "ERROR: <ul class="errorlist"><li>name<ul class="errorlist"><li>You already have a repository with this name.</li></ul></li></ul>"

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