Language selector when not authenticated (BB-7959)

Issue #6826 closed
Lilian Besson (Naereen)
created an issue

The translation process is going well.

Add a language selector ?

I think it would be great to allow to change the language without being logged in ?

Many website know how to adjust their language by looking on the browser setting, maybe something like that could be added to bitbucket ?



Lilian Besson, lbesson on

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Thanks for the suggestion Lilian. Our non-English language support is very much in beta at the moment, so I imagine we'll want to iron out the wrinkles and have more translations before we provide a prominent language selector. I've added this to the team's backlog for future consideration.

    Cheers, Zach

  2. Lilian Besson (Naereen) reporter

    I think the non-English language support is now complete enough to reconsider this, don't you ? Maybe you could just enable languages for which the translation process is completed (e.g. French German Russian).

    Cheers, Lilian.

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