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Open source existing service brokers to help us get started writing new ones (BB-8035)

Michael Shimmins
created an issue

Hi there,

The guides at are a great start, but for non-python devs, they aren't as clear as a packaged working example would be.

Given the brokers are provided under OSI-approved licenses it seems like it shouldn't be too much of a logistical effort to publish a repository of brokers.

GitHub does this ( and it lowers the barrier to entry for contributing to GitHub in a big way.

I'd like to write a broker for our app for BitBucket, but the docs aren't enough to have a clear understanding of how to do this. GitHub made it simple, so we'll integrate with them first (sucks since we use BitBucket, not GitHub, and dog-food our own app, so that integration would be sweet!).



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