Inconsistent changeset hash links URIs (BB-8291)

Issue #6885 resolved
Prakhar Kumar
created an issue

I use Bitbucket with a custom domain to share with my clients.

Now, when i go to and select an issue and click on any changeset hash, it works perfectly and takes me to the relevant commit

However, when I repeat this with http://my-domain/repo-name/issues it gives me a 404.

This is because the changeset now points to, instead of http://my-domain, making the link instead of http://my-domain/repo-name/commits/hash or

Given these inconsistencies, I believe that these links are generated dynamically, hence fixable 😃

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  1. Prakhar Kumar reporter

    Update: when I go to http://my-domain/repo-name/commits/all, the commits in the commit column work perfectly, but on the same page, hashes displayed in "Added tag XXXXXXXX for changeset #########" give a 404

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