Additional read-WRITE key per repository basis (BB-8051)

Issue #6887 wontfix
Piotr Karbowski
created an issue

From time to time I need to push some code from work, and I would like to be able to setup a my-work-ssh-keypair with write access to specified repo or two. I don't want to expose my main ssh key there, to limit possible access.

Would be great if I could do so, even if each such deploy-with-WRITE-key take one private collaborator slot. That would be superb feature. at this very moment I would need to setup new account, like myname_work and add it as private collaborator, thats kind of lame to just create more usernames just to do it.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Piotr,

    I am afraid we are not going to do this. This would mess up the way we do billing on the site. We could a user as someone with write access to a repository.

    There are ways around this, setting up another account with that key and only giving that user access to the repos you require.



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