Issue #68 resolved

Forks/hacks shows private repos

Jesper Nøhr
created an issue


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  1. Jesper Nøhr reporter
    • changed status to open

    Don't think it's a caching problem in this instance, but it's most certainly bad that it shows up under your profile. I'll have a look-see.

  2. Eirik Stavem
    • changed status to open

    Hm, forks/queues should show private repos if you have access to them.

    Also, the counter on the forks/queues-tab is currently showing the correct number of forks/queues, even though you don't see any when you click the tab. Maybe only the count of public/accessible forks/queues should be listed, so the count you see corresponds with the number of forks/queues you see when you click the tab.

    It's late, I don't make any sense...

  3. Ches Martin

    I'm still seeing the private repos on my profile page when logged out too, though I don't know if Jesper's message meant the fix has actually been deployed.

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