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David Barratt
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I'm not going to lie, the only feature that really keeps me going back to github, is that my profile shows my activity across all repositories (even ones that are not mine).

The reason I like this, is because I can share this profile with potential employers and they can see all of my activity (even though, i don't have a lot of repositories myself).

It still kind of sucks though, because I really wish that it would show every public commit that belongs to me across every repository on the network, that would be really slick.

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  1. Jan-Philip Gehrcke

    Zach, assuming that this is what David means, I want to support it: the history/activity log is a great feature that could and should be further extended. In particular, I'd like to see long-term data. A simple solution would be to not cut after 30 actions, but to implement something in the lines of infiniscroll or a pagination. Another or an additional solution, which I also like very much, is the graphical visualization of the long-term activity as done by the GitHub folks.

    These issues are related: - -

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