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Where is the location of pull requests?

Georgios Petrou
created an issue

I am using TeamCity to build my private repository and everything is working fine. Now, I want to test pull requests before they are merged to master. I followed this link which uses a github repository. However, it does not seem to work. The author mentions that "When a pull request is made, GitHub automatically creates a reference that holds the pull request as well as one that is a merge with the master branch"

Is this the same is bitbucket? So if I use "+:refs/pull//head" or "+:refs/pull/(/merge)" it should work?

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  1. Georgios Petrou reporter

    Thanks for the information but shouldn't this information be in the documentation? I bet a lot of people want to build the pull requests before merging, instead of praying that everything will work when merging.

  2. Georgios Petrou reporter

    I guess I was not clear again. Lets leave TeamCity out of the picture.

    Are the pull requests stored somewhere I can use them? For example Github uses refs/pull What do you use? I have checked the link you provided and it does not have anything about that.

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