Wrong result for src "raw" Bitbucket API call

Issue #6913 resolved
Gabriel Petrovay
created an issue

The documentation give examples: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/src+Resources#srcResources-GETrawcontentofanindividualfile

    "node": "562344e0ae10",
    "path": "Readme",
    "size": 495,
    "data": "Readme\n--------------------------------------\nFavorite Quotes from bitbuckians\nThis page lists the favorite q
uotes from any bitbuckian that cares to contribute. This is a family-oriented site, so only post stuff you are comfortable sh
owing to your family. If your family is seriously abnormal, my condolences and I'm going to reject your sadly twisted pull re
quest.\n\nPlease don't change another user's quote as I'll reject that as well. After all, some quotes a meaningful to the pe
ople who submit them. You are free to fix and or improve the CSS or code if you like. Change \n"


    "node": "15238fed9325",
    "path": "logo.jpg",
    "size": 2128,
    "encoding" : "base64",
    "data": "LXRvcDogMWV....."

but the API call returns the file content. For example: https://api.bitbucket.org/1.0/repositories/jillix/bindlist/raw/master/mono.json