"Reviewers" box on new Pull Request page searches all users (BB-8075)

Issue #6914 resolved
Wyatt Anderson created an issue

When I search for reviewers when creating new pull requests, it searches all users, not the sensible choices of:

  • Users who have access to the repository
  • Team members

Doesn't really make sense to add global users who wouldn't have permission to view the repo to a PR (which you can't do, of course, but I shouldn't have to filter them out when typing)

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  1. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    Thanks for suggestion Wyatt. I've brought it to the attention of the team.

  2. Rodrigo Neves

    I find these autocompletes extremely annoying too. Would like to see an option to filter only team members which could be default for private repos.
    We have a very international team and people have crazy names which are really hard to find on the full user list.

  3. Kieran Sheehan

    As atlassian positions itself as a solution for corporate users, this is only common sense. There is clear incoherence between user management in other atlassian offerings, and bitbucket.

  4. Steve Muskiewicz

    As it works today, it seems like any users that have team "admin" rights at least get a weighted search when typing names so that all "teammates" appear at the top of the list.

    Could this be extended so that it works the same way for all users who are members of the team?

  5. Daniel Anechitoaie

    How about having somewhere in /admin a section where we have a way of preselecting a group that will be used as reviewers.
    Also a good idea would be to be able to add multiple groups with a label on them. So that for example the one who submits the pull request is able to select to witch group this is addressed to (the frontend reviewers or the backend reviewers)
    So have a single predefined group as default value, and also allow to specify other groups beside the default one, each with its own label and the user can select from this list when he submits the review.

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