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Issue #6921 resolved

Better commit date format when older than N days (BB-8076)

Matt Finlay
created an issue

In the commit history the 'Date' column shows 'x days ago' up to a month ago. This quickly (beyond a day or two ago) gets very unhelpful, 21 days ago makes much less sense that Feb-22. While I can hover over each date individually to get the date, this is fiddly and means they have to be checked one at a time.

Switching to a date for anything before yesterday, or even up to five days ago would be much easier to interpret.

Comments (11)

  1. Thomas Woodard

    As a developer, I need to know the date and time a commit has been made, specially in the commit history listing and view. Can we add always have the full date in these sections, or maybe an option to switch formats site wide in my personal settings?

  2. Kurt Dekker

    I second removal of this useless "N days ago" feature. I cannot use the tooltip workaround on a touchscreen tablet, which is 99% of my use of the bitbucket website.

    Can we get a global option to never use this ambiguous and completely unhelpful date format? It adds zero value and is a constant source of irritation, to the point where I use bitbuckets web interface less than I otherwise would,

  3. Stepanov Stanislav

    Solved! - https://s.mail.ru/D9Fr/rUg1Ff8H4

    Flexible solution for Google Chrome and other browser where you can find plugin with name "Control Freak".

    link to webstore https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/control-freak/jgnchehlaggacipokckdlbdemfeohdhc

    1. setup plugin above
    2. click it - https://s.mail.ru/HAKX/jteUNPgnB - and choose "Этот сайт" and paste this script:
    3. then choose "Библиотеки" (Libraries) and add jQuery plugin from CDN like this 
    works fine for me even if i change branch - result

    Sorry for "bad code", russian labels etc. =)

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