FYI you have a typo in your automatic emails (BB-8100)

Issue #6941 resolved
Matt Korostoff
created an issue

This doesn't really impact usability, but I thought you would like to know. When someone in my organization gives me rights to a repository, I get an email with the subject "You have hereby been granted write access to organization-name/repo-name." This sentence doesn't make sense grammatically—the proper formation would be either:

"You are hereby granted write access to ...." OR
"You have been granted write access to ..."

The formation "You have hereby been granted..." doesn't make sense.

All the best,
Matt Korostoff

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Thanks Matt. We're actually in the middle of overhauling all of our emails (including subjects), so this will definitely be changing (to the "You have been granted..." form, if you're curious). However many people have configured email filters based on our existing subjects, so we plan on releasing all of the changes at once to minimize the inconvenience on our users.

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