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Issue #6951 invalid

Message that I have to upgrade my account

Ruan Carlos
created an issue

Hi I am receiving this message:

"Congratulations, your team is growing! It's time to upgrade. Committers will have read-only access."

But I do not know why. I have only one shared repositorie https://bitbucket.org/ruanltbg/lowlovers and only this two users can access:

  • Me (ruanltbg)
  • robarp

At this time the user robarp can`t do anything in this repo.


Comments (2)

  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Ruan

    The user limit applies across all private repositories you own. Perhaps another one of your private repositories is giving access to a group or other users.

    If you still feel like this is in error, please email support@bitbucket.org so that we can look at your account more closely.



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