Inconsistencies between project overview (recent activity) and commits list.

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Another user made some commits to a project we collaborate in. In their git client's global settings, they were using my email and name by mistake. However, they made all the commits using their own SSH key (which was correctly tied to their account on BitBucket).

Right now, if you go to the project Overview page, you see those activities are attributed to them (their name is listed next to the hashes), but if you go to the Commits page you see my name listed.

I'm marking this as major, because it is affecting one of the major parts of a version control system: understanding who did what.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    I appreciate that this is causing some confusion, but Bitbucket relies on the local commit data to determine who committed what and will continue to do so. It's possible (and entirely reasonable) for the committer and the pusher to be different people, so we can't just rely on the account information of the user who pushes the changes up to Bitbucket. Therefore we use the local commit data as the source of truth, and don't have much choice but to assume that this information is correct.

  2. salmasian reporter

    Fair enough. In my defense, this is the very first time that I am exposed to the fact that Overview is showing you pushes, and not commits. Knowing that, this wouldn't be considered a bug.

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