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Issue #6976 invalid

Pull Request in BPF model showing unchanged files

created an issue

When creating a pull request from a developer's fork within a feature branch, the changed files in the diff are shown correctly.

After the pull request is created, the diff then shows more files then should be included in the pull request.

Repo in question https://bitbucket.org/wfmdigitalweb/wfmcom

Screenshots - (attachments only allows 1 file) Creating PR: http://cloud.cashwilliams.com/image/1t2C143H3d3L vs Actual PR: http://cloud.cashwilliams.com/image/3P1L1S1M3R2E

Comments (6)

  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Cash

    If you try to recreate that pull request right now, do you see the same behaviour after it gets created?

    I tried to reproduce this locally but couldn't.

    Cheers Nicolas

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