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Issue #6982 duplicate

Please show actual date of commit

Roman T.
created an issue

Say its saying "5 day's ago" for recent commits what if i need the actual date and time of commit there's no way to check this.

If i email my developer saying i tested commit he made 5 days ago, and he checks email 2 days after he will have hard time understanding what commit meant.

I know there's commit id and name, but i find it easier to communicate based on exact day when commit was made.

Now i have to look in calendar to understand what was 5 day's ago.

I dont want to go back in git to find when commit was made, cant i do it on this website?

Comments (24)

  1. Neill Lima

    Is there a way to choose to show the absolut commit timestamp in opposite to the relative to now "x days ago"? Most git clients nowadays allow it to do so, and it is way more convenient.

  2. Vern Six

    It really shouldn't require a tooltip mouse roll over. When doing reporting, I have to move my mouse over the tooltip to get the date and time (unable to copy it) then type it in my reports manually. Ugh. It would be soooooo much better to just show the date and time instead of the "relative" date silliness. Or, heck... .show them both all the time. Please.

  3. Fabian König

    if there is a strong user base who prefer the simplified version of "x days ago" please add a config option to switch between full display and simplified display. For many use cases the "x days ago" is simply of no use at all.

  4. Anne Gunn

    +1 for actual date and time being the default. Can't figure out why the days-ago is ever preferable but if you feel strongly about it, make it a setting so folks can choose.

  5. Adam

    I also agree this should be the case by default and you should not have to hover to see the date/time info. Here is some javascript that fixes it temporary if anyone wants to go further into developing some sort of browser plugin or bitbucket plugin:

    jQuery("time").each(function () { jQuery(this).html(jQuery(this).attr("title")); });
  6. Stepanov Stanislav

    Solved! - https://s.mail.ru/D9Fr/rUg1Ff8H4

    Flexible solution for Google Chrome and other browser where you can find plugin with name "Control Freak".

    link to webstore https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/control-freak/jgnchehlaggacipokckdlbdemfeohdhc

    1. setup plugin above
    2. click it - https://s.mail.ru/HAKX/jteUNPgnB - and choose "Этот сайт" ("This site") and paste this script:
    3. then choose "Библиотеки" (Libraries) and add jQuery plugin from CDN like this 
    works fine for me even if i change branch or use ajax controls on the page - result

    Sorry for "bad code", russian labels etc. =)

  7. Stepanov Stanislav

    Patrick Artounian Still works fine for me (Chrome browser 55.0.2883.87 m) with no errors and modifications in a long period of time. Maybe i was wrong when i said "...and other browser...". "minifying/compiling it online" is not a solution. Provide more info about errors you get, maybe i can help.

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