Please show actual date of commit

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Roman T. created an issue

Say its saying "5 day's ago" for recent commits what if i need the actual date and time of commit there's no way to check this.

If i email my developer saying i tested commit he made 5 days ago, and he checks email 2 days after he will have hard time understanding what commit meant.

I know there's commit id and name, but i find it easier to communicate based on exact day when commit was made.

Now i have to look in calendar to understand what was 5 day's ago.

I dont want to go back in git to find when commit was made, cant i do it on this website?

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  1. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    The exact date and time currently are available as a tooltip on the relative date

  2. Neill Lima

    Is there a way to choose to show the absolut commit timestamp in opposite to the relative to now "x days ago"? Most git clients nowadays allow it to do so, and it is way more convenient.

  3. Vern Six

    It really shouldn't require a tooltip mouse roll over. When doing reporting, I have to move my mouse over the tooltip to get the date and time (unable to copy it) then type it in my reports manually. Ugh. It would be soooooo much better to just show the date and time instead of the "relative" date silliness. Or, heck... .show them both all the time. Please.

  4. Fabian König

    if there is a strong user base who prefer the simplified version of "x days ago" please add a config option to switch between full display and simplified display. For many use cases the "x days ago" is simply of no use at all.

  5. Crab CCNet

    Another vote for full date and time please. I'm not sure what use the current display is to anyone.

  6. Anne Gunn

    +1 for actual date and time being the default. Can't figure out why the days-ago is ever preferable but if you feel strongly about it, make it a setting so folks can choose.

  7. Jaz Dhillon

    How is this still not added? Is there a plugin or extension or something for this? Please advise.


    Just jumping in here to say PLEASE FIX THIS! Hovering over the text is not an acceptable alternative. If this were a grocery shopping list then maybe, but we are trying to use github to develop software.

  9. Maarten Soetens

    I want to join in on this.

    Add this! ;-)

    Most people (everyone!) are programmers, they want real data not fancy looking rainbow stars date.. but real specific data.

  10. Neill Lima

    It is a shame this issue is nearly 3 years old and no action was taken. Come on, a boolean setting this elsewhere is so hard to implement?

  11. Adam Vercimak

    I also agree this should be the case by default and you should not have to hover to see the date/time info. Here is some javascript that fixes it temporary if anyone wants to go further into developing some sort of browser plugin or bitbucket plugin:

    jQuery("time").each(function () { jQuery(this).html(jQuery(this).attr("title")); });
  12. Stepanov Stanislav

    Solved! -

    Flexible solution for Google Chrome and other browser where you can find plugin with name "Control Freak".

    link to webstore

    1. setup plugin above
    2. click it - - and choose "Этот сайт" ("This site") and paste this script:
    3. then choose "Библиотеки" (Libraries) and add jQuery plugin from CDN like this
    works fine for me even if i change branch or use ajax controls on the page - result

    Sorry for "bad code", russian labels etc. =)

  13. Stepanov Stanislav

    @Patrick Artounian Still works fine for me (Chrome browser 55.0.2883.87 m) with no errors and modifications in a long period of time. Maybe i was wrong when i said "...and other browser...". "minifying/compiling it online" is not a solution. Provide more info about errors you get, maybe i can help.

  14. Andy Tawse

    Would also love an option (or default) for showing an absolute date (without rollover). Like others have said, programmers need accurate data.


  15. Aidan Maher

    The solution Stanislaw gave works. I will give the instructions in english

    1. Download the Control Freak plugin

    2. Click your new gear icon (control freak icon)

    3. important click "This domain" - to apply this script you're adding to work on all of bitbucket. You could also apply it to the page only but when you are modifying the repo you must be at the page where you want to now see the converted dates (ex$username/$reponame/commits/all , otherwise just apply to the whole domain).

    4. Click the lib tab

    5. Select jQuery 2.1.0 (Google CDN)
    6. Click Save

    7. Download Stanislav's script (thank you comrade) :

    8. Copy Paste the script into Control Freak's "Javascript" tab

    9. Click save

    10. Enjoy Dates and times

    Ubuntu 14.04 Google Chrome 56.0.2924.76

    I still +1 full date and time, as opposed to this workaround.

  16. Todd Johnson

    Yes please, I end up going back to see last week's checkin for time management and I admittedly spend too much time trying to see what was "5 days ago". This is one of those features that you think looks nice but I believe your users do not like it! Please let us configure showing the date/time please!

  17. Chris Almond

    +1 - Agree with Aidan Maher - The chrome plugin workaround is nice, but I would appreciate a solution rather than a hack.

  18. Dustin Aleksiuk

    I found this thread while looking for a setting for this. I can't believe I need to do math in my head or roll my mouse over a field to find a commit from last week. This is silly.

  19. Hugh Warrington

    I don't believe this has been satisfactorily resolved, but since it seems to have received no attention (presumably because it's marked as a duplicate) I've created a new request at #14630.

  20. keen99

    +1 billion. seriously? show the real date and time (and timezone/offset so I dont have to guess) AND a friendly "ago" time next to it.

  21. lgodiva

    Stepanov, I downloaded the extension but would you please provide exact instructions on how to enable it? Thank you.

  22. Hugh Warrington

    Can anyone from Atlassian comment on this or the related tickets? One of your customers is providing better support for his workaround than you are for the actual paid product.

  23. Jamie Burchell

    I just logged in on my phone to check the time of a commit and have absolutely no way of seeing it. Hover tool tips are no good on touch devices!

  24. Masroor Hussain

    just realized it now, this is some really pathetic implementation. Thinking about shifting to a better alternative.

  25. Zsolt Szabo

    This is really unprofessional. When comparing which commit appeared first, why exactly would you force a mouseover? Furthermore, mouseover does not actually work on my browser for the date. What is the value of 'three days ago'?

    This was originally brought up 5 years ago. Imagine that, when my post gets older you will have to look at the date of my post to understand what '5 years ago' means. what if I had just put the date there instead? Your answer would be directly in front of you.

  26. Bob Stein

    Wonder who else wants this feature for the reason I did: verifying billable hours.

    A partial dupliography:

    issue #6000 - Give users a way to see absolute timestamp for commits, comments, PRs, etc.

    issue #6842 - Timestamps on Commits

    issue #6921 - Better commit date format when older than N days

    issue #6947 - Recent activity/commit history date format

    issue #6974 - Show date on commit detail page

    issue #6982 - Please show actual date of commit <-- (YOU ARE HERE)

    issue #14630 - Show date/time of each commit in 'Commits' view

    issue #15288 - Give exact time of the commits

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