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Issue #6984 invalid

abort: abandoned transaction found - run hg recover!

Jacob Tyler
created an issue

Hi I'm trying to check in some changes to our repo but keep getting the following issue:

hg commit -y --logfile /var/folders/m4/2s2s_w2s1pd79dqcj_4pgfkh0000gn/T/SourceTreeTemp.ztI4Xb private_dir/application/modules/trips/models/Trips/Trips.php private_dir/configuration/constants.php 
abort: abandoned transaction found - run hg recover!
Completed with errors, see above


Can you tell me how to remedy the issue?



Comments (5)

  1. Nicolas Venegas

    It appears that your local clone of the repository has the abandoned transaction. Have you run hg verify and/or hg recover yourself?

    Running hg verify on your repository on our servers indicates that the repository is fine.

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