Access Denied when sending pull request

Issue #6986 resolved
Albert Chieu
created an issue

I'm trying to send a pull request to the master repo and I get the following message:

Access denied

Use the links at the top to get back.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    @Andreas Tjärnberg @Ademir Zanetti @l33t when you encounter this problem, are you creating a pull requests within the same repository or from a fork to its parent?

    If it is the latter (a fork to its parent), do you have write access for the parent repository?

    Unfortunately, for now, if it is the case that you don't have write access to the parent then in order to create a pull request you must click the Pull request button when viewing the fork.

  2. Andreas Tjärnberg

    How do I do this from the parent? I have no option to pick the fork when doing a compare or a pull request. Also now I can't see any difference when trying to compare the fork with the parent. Even though when inspecting the fork I am seeing the old version.

  3. Erik van Zijst

    @Andreas Tjärnberg Sorry for dropping the ball on this issue. Quite a bit has happened in the past 6 months and I was wondering if this still a problem. If you still get permission denied errors when clicking the Pull Request button on a fork (for a parent to which you have at least read access), then I'll go in and have a look.

  4. Jose Souza

    I had the same problem but I was able to send a pull request to Nuttx from my fork, just try open a pull request from your fork and you will be able to select Nuttx(upstream) as target.

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