Add REST API feature to convert email address to user name

Issue #6995 invalid
Dan Fabulich created an issue

Given an email address, I'd like to get the Bitbucket user name associated with that account.

Specifically, we use Bitbucket teams at our organization, and would like a way to automatically remove users from out Bitbucket team when they leave the company. We'd like to query for the Bitbucket username for "" and remove that Bitbucket user from our Bitbucket team.

Apropos support ticket JST-60687 there isn't really another good way to synchronize Bitbucket teams with employee accounts, except to track it all manually.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Dan

    Ideally our API should allow email addresses in place of usernames for most operations. We probably need to audit this, but if you let me know which endpoints you are using, I can patch those quickly.



  2. Dan Fabulich reporter

    Oops! In JST-60687 the engineers there told me to file a bug here, but I didn't think to just try it directly. Everything I need works perfectly.

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