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Issue #7001 resolved
Alper Aydemir
created an issue


in my aaydemir/3D-reconstruction repository, on the dashboard it shows that I am the author of some commits but actually on the commits list it shows another member of the repository as the author ?

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Alper

    What exactly do you see on the dashboard?

    Since mid-February, the events we display on the newsfeed are push events, so it shows who pushed up the changes to and when (though the commits included in that one push may be from many different authors and may have been created much earlier than when they were pushed).

    For repositories that haven't been pushed to since mid-Feburary, you may see commit events incorrectly described as a 'push' (with the person we attribute it to being the author of the commit). I will push up a fix to the description for these particular events shortly.



  2. Nicolas Venegas

    I just deployed a fix to make it so that old commit events that were incorrectly described as a push by the commit author now say that commits by that author were pushed, e.g., "Nicolas Venegas pushed to bitbucket" now says "Commits by Nicolas Venegas were pushed to bitbucket."

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